Advanced Drop-In Class, Gilroy - Saturday 9am



I offer drop-in classes for several reasons. First, I believe a dog's training is never done. If your dog has graduated from my Puppy or Basic Obedience class and possibly graduated my Intermediate class, that is a great start. But it's only a start. In order to reinforce the basics as well as home-in on the intricacies of advanced training, it is important to practice and practice often, for both the dog and the handler.


These fun, upbeat classes are held at the Thriving Canine training facility in Gilroy and combine agility obstacles with intermediate-advanced obedience training. Because the classes are drop-in style, the class size can range from 7 dogs to 20 dogs. People love the flexibility and I love having dogs interact with different dogs, in a controlled environment, every time.

You can purchase a $100.00 package of 10 drop-ins here. If you'd like to pay per drop-in, you can do that at the class and the price per drop-in is $15.00.