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Question: “Hi Chad, I have watched your Basic Obedience DVD and I think I’m doing everything right but I have a question about teaching him to do a Sit-Stay. I tell my dog to sit and then I say “Stay” with a hand signal and walk away. He is doing good but sometimes he... + read more
Before training any animal it would probably be wise to have some respect for, and understanding of, the psychology of that particular species. Wouldn’t you agree? This seems logical to me but a lot of behavioral or psychological experiments have been done on mice, pigeons, monkeys, etc. and... + read more
Part 1 of this article was short and to the point...the only two techniques you need to stop a dog from pulling on leash are Direction Changes and Leash Pops. It really is that simple but, as with nearly everything in dog training, it’s also controversial and worthy of further discussion.... + read more
“Walking a dog without being dragged down the street is simple! In fact, it’s so simple you only need to know two techniques.” - Chad Culp “No Way! Two simple techniques? I don’t believe you! I’ve tried everything and it has NOT been EASY!” I know,... + read more
Tails From The Field” is a series of true stories from Chad Culp’s experience in the field of professional dog training. Some details, such as names and breeds, may have been changed for privacy protection. My clients were expecting a visit from their daughter and 18 month ... + read more
Question: Hi Chad, Our 2 year old Havanese has always loved the kitchen and his food and bed are in there. For some reason, he has developed an aversion to the kitchen and now will not enter it, even for a treat! We have no idea why all of a sudden this has occurred. We do leave him in the... + read more
When searching for “the best way to train a dog” you will undoubtedly be confronted with conflicting information such as: "Treats Are Good" vs. "Treats Are Bad" or "Punishment Is Essential" vs. "Punishment Is Unnecessary." This is totally... + read more
Question: “Hi guys!! My dog has now been crated for 3 months after being hit by a speeding car. She's a tough cookie and made an amazing recovery. She has various screws, pins and metal plates in her hind leg. While I'm excited to have her out of her crate, I'm scared for the... + read more
Do you have a dog who hems and haws when called?  Do you wish your dog found this exercise to be nearly as important as you do?  Here are three tips for training your dog to come when called. Tip 1 - Urgency People tend to be too lackadaisical when they call their dog. It’... + read more
Question emailed from out of town - “We got a 9 week old pitbull puppy ten days ago. I have crate trained puppies before and never had a problem until this. The crate is sized so he can only stand up, turn around and lay down but he still poops in it. Even if only in for 30 minutes, he still... + read more


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