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It is really, really, really important that we only say a command one time. (Yes, the three reallys are an attempt at humor and irony.) In other words, the proper command for Sit is “Sit” not “Sit, Sit, Sit.” Be warned, this is actually humanly impossible. Well,... + read more
Thriving Canine Radio had the pleasure of interviewing Billy Rafferty, celebrity dog groomer to the stars. While Billy feels most at home styling the canines (including Oprah Winfrey's), he did take an hour of his time to share some great grooming tips with us. When the subject of how to get... + read more
As the days of “rub their nose in it” housebreaking techniques drift further and further behind us and the future enlightens us towards more and more compassion for animals, even those that wind up on our plate, the question of whether or not to crate train our dogs can be a difficult... + read more
There are four basic advantages that we really do not want our dog to realize he has over us ... being bigger, stronger, faster and smarter. Now of course, the reality is, our dog may indeed have one or more of these advantages over us. I mean take a look at the animal kingdom in general; it’... + read more
Break on through to the other side….break on through to the other side…..break on through……no, not the band with Jim Morrison. I’m talking about the doors to your house, your car, etc. and yes, your dogs do want to break on through to the other side. Doors tend to... + read more
"How do I teach my dog to come when called?" Everyone wants a dog that comes when called, right? Most of us aren’t trying to win a dog show or anything; we just want a “good dog”.  Half the people that come to my obedience classes would be happy if their dog... + read more
Anybody who has ever raised a dog from a puppy knows that one of the challenging stages of puppyhood is the destructive chewing stage. Many people will ask me how to get their puppy to stop chewing because furniture, socks and remotes are getting destroyed. My response is always the's... + read more
I am always reminded of the importance of taking a break from life and returning to nature, whether it's taking a walk through the park or a hike in the mountains. This statement is particularly true for our canine friends and is obvious the minute I see my own dogs put one paw on the trail. To... + read more
Socialize, socialize, socialize! Any dog owner has heard these words before. Vets, friends, books, TV shows...they all say, “you’ve got to socialize your dog!” It’s like a dog training mantra but what the heck does that really mean? In a nutshell, it means to expose your dog... + read more
Magnetism 101 Think back to elementary school when you played with magnets. Remember how they would attract from opposite poles and repel from matching poles? It’s pretty much like that with dogs. Confidence attracts while insecurity repels. Going towards a dog can repel him and walking... + read more


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