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Question:    Hi Chad!     I read your article on dominance and aggression which I really enjoyed reading and feel it is consistent with what I am experiencing in my home currently. I am a trainer in the midwest and really just beginning to explore dominant dog... + read more
Question:    I purchased your Online Housebreaking Course and did everything the last 5 days but my adopted 1 year old dog won’t potty outside. I can’t reward her because she literally won’t pee (or poo) outside. She sleeps well in a crate in my room but it is... + read more
Keep An Eye On Your Pup At All Times.  Which puppy is the most important one in class? Yours is, of course!  It is easy to get distracted by watching the other puppies or chatting with fellow puppy owners, which is great, but please don’t forget to keep a good eye on your... + read more
History: Past Experiences or Lack Thereof     Past experiences can play a big role in why dogs act aggressively. Obviously, this can mean a history of bad experiences but, less obviously, it can also mean a history that lacks good experiences or simply lacks experience in general.... + read more
Do You Use Positive Dog Training Methods?  We are not “purely-positive” or “force-free” but yes, we do use a lot of positive reinforcement methods in combination with traditional methods to create what we call a “balanced” or “blended”... + read more
Question:    Hello Chad, I hope you are doing well. We found your training page as we were looking for some help with our 5 month old Labrador puppy. He is extremely sharp, potty trained and a fast learner. However, a couple of issues we have not been able to understand and address... + read more
---------------------------- The Smiths are a fictitious family but everything about them is true. Their story is based on real clients and situations from my experiences as a professional dog trainer. Some details may have been altered slightly for privacy protection but, other than that, this... + read more
Puppy Training Shopping List   You can’t do a good job without the proper tools, so the first thing you will need to do is go shopping for a few things. This shopping list covers the puppy essentials as well as some extras. Some are critical and need to be purchased right away,... + read more
Genetics and Dog Aggression   As we have seen throughout this series, there are many factors that can contribute to dog aggression, most of which can be avoided or resolved by providing dogs with holistic, balanced training, socialization, leadership and a fulfilling lifestyle. That... + read more
Wanna know the secret to amazing off-leash dog training greatness? Ok, I am going to tell but please don’t like or share it because this is super top secret classified information. Shh, it’s just between us, ok, so don’t tell anyone.     Defining Off-Leash Dog... + read more


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