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“Should we take the group class or does my dog need private lessons?”   This is a popular question but we need to know your situation in order to answer it correctly.       Are you having behavior problems or just wanting to teach basic commands?... + read more
"What Security Measures Should I Take To Protect My Dog While They Are Home Alone?   It depends: Are we dealing with a trained or an untrained dog? Is the dog housebroken? Is the dog past the chewing phase? Does the dog have separation anxiety? Is the dog being left indoors,... + read more
What Is Thriving Canine's Refund Policy?  Our refund policy varies by service and by the particulars of any given situation. See below:  Private Lessons: Private lessons are generally paid for at the end of each session, so there is really no refund policy needed. If you are not... + read more
Question:    Hi Chad, I’ve just started your Online Obedience Course and I have been through dog training classes before with a different trainer. In the videos, it seems like you are only saying the dog’s name to teach them to look at you but when I trained my last dog... + read more
Rude, Inappropriate or Non-Consensual Behavior   Dogs can have an aggressive reaction to what they interpret as rude or inappropriate behavior from other dogs as well as from humans. Even if the behavior was intended to be loving or playful, the dog may not like it. Even if it’s a... + read more
Question:    Hi Chad!     I read your article on dominance and aggression which I really enjoyed reading and feel it is consistent with what I am experiencing in my home currently. I am a trainer in the midwest and really just beginning to explore dominant dog... + read more


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