All-Natural Tick Repellent

One of my favorite things to do with my dogs is go for a hike, and if the laws permit, I love to let my dogs off-leash so they can roam around and explore. Granted, my dogs are well-trained and don't wander too far from me and come back when called which gives me the confidence to give them that kind of freedom. It's awesome to see them running around, adventuring in nature playing in the bushes and having a good ol' time. What's not awesome about this scenario is having to pick ticks off them when we get back to the car after our hike.

I also like to avoid putting chemicals or pesticides on my dogs whenever possible. So, what I've discovered is an all-natural, completely harmless (and actually beneficial for their skin and coat) remedy for ticks.

What's my secret?

Apple cider vinegar! Plain old apple cider vinegar. You can pick it up at your local grocery store, keep it in your refrigerator so you can have it on hand whenever you need it. I prefer to use the raw-unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the 'Mother' and build my concoction like this:

  • Get an empty squirt bottle
  • Mix 50/50 tap water to apple cider vinegar in the bottle. (ex: 1/2 cup of water to 1/2 cup of ACV)
  • Put the bottle nozzle on a mist setting
  • Spray all over your dogs before going for a hike (even their faces and around their ears) and spray generously without soaking

Will your dog smell like a giant salad for a while? Yes, but it will be worth it to not have to pick any ticks off your dog when you get back. And, their skin and coat will be in better shape because of it. It's healthy, it's natural, it's non-toxic and it really works. I've used this little trick before hikes and gone to places where I know there are ticks and came home without any issues, so I know it works.

I'll even spray my boots and jeans with the apple cider vinegar to keep them off me as well. Hey, if it's good enough for the dogs, it's good enough for me.

Hope this helps you out when going for a hike! Be safe, have fun and enjoy nature.

-Chad Culp, Certified Dog Trainer and Canine Behavior Consultant

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